Startup Shield

Redefining Investor Protection and Growth

Startup Shield Program introduces a groundbreaking approach to safeguarding investor interests and enhancing returns in the dynamic world of startup investing. Powered by blockchain technology, Startup Shield offers investors a unique token-based investment model that provides additional benefits and risk mitigation beyond traditional equity ownership.

Key Features

Risk Mitigation

Shielding investors from the inherent risks of startup investing, Startup Shield Program provides a protective layer through the allocation of Pitch Matter Shield (SCD) Tokens, mitigating potential losses in case of startup failure.

Locked Token Model

SCD Tokens, received by investors as part of the startup's success fee, are locked for a specified period, typically 36 months, with a 50-month vesting schedule. This ensures long-term commitment and alignment of investor interests with startup growth.

Value Appreciation

With reserves from success fees and strategic investments, SCD Token value has the potential to appreciate over time, providing investors with additional returns on their investment beyond equity ownership.

Liquidity and Flexibility

SCD Tokens offer liquidity and flexibility to investors, allowing them to unlock and sell their tokens in case of successful startup exits or other strategic opportunities.

Strategic Investments

Pitch Matter strategically invests in startups onboarded to the program, further enhancing the value of SCD Tokens by adding valuations from successful ventures.

Deflationary Mechanism

SCD Tokens follow a deflationary model, with a portion of transaction fees distributed to token holders, contributing to liquidity, and reducing token supply over time, potentially increasing its value.

Through the Startup Shield Program, investors can participate in the startup ecosystem with confidence, knowing that their investments are protected and augmented by innovative solutions and strategic investments.