Rules & Eligibility

Learn about the criteria and guidelines for event participation.

Entry Criteria

PitchMatter welcomes participants of all ages and nationalities, embracing diverse entrepreneurial talent from around the globe.

  • Stage of Development
  • Ideal for startups at Pre-seed, Seed, and Series A stages, showing traction and growth potential.

  • Location
  • Startups willing to establish headquarters or branch offices in Dubai are preferred.

  • Scalability and Market Potential
  • Priority given to startups with scalable products and significant market potential.

  • Founder Commitment
  • Strong commitment from founders and team members to actively participate in all program sessions.

  • Innovation
  • Evaluation of the uniqueness and innovativeness of the startup's product or service.

  • Team Expertise
  • Assessment of the team's experience, skills, and expertise in relevant domains.

  • Financial Viability
  • Analysis of financial projections, revenue model, and potential for profitability.

Operational Criteria

  • Less than 5 years in operations
  • Independent company (not a subsidiary)
  • Working beta product or service (preferable)

Awards, Security, and Commitment

  • Cash prizes will be transferred to the winning startup within 15 working days after the PitchMatter Award Ceremony. Winners are responsible for personal income tax and other taxes or fees related to the prize (if any) in accordance with local law.
Security and Commitment
  • Participants agree to the use of their broadcast lives, interviews, photographs, records, films, and exhibition materials for news, promotional purposes, television programs, advertisements, and website content by the organizers and partners. Organizers, partners, and related parties are exempt from any responsibility arising from the use of these materials.
  • Submission of business plans and candidate introductions implies consent for use in competition-related documents and promotions. Organizers will provide copies of business plans, pitch decks, and 2-minute pitching videos to judges and relevant personnel, with instructions not to duplicate them. Any fraudulent or unethical behavior within the competition framework may result in the unilateral cancellation of the candidate's rights and legal action by the organizers.