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Have questions? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you find the answers you need quickly and easily. If your question isn't covered here, please feel free to contact us directly at info@pitchmatter.com.

PitchMatter is your go-to platform for supporting startups at every stage of their journey. We provide specialized tracks, resources, and events tailored to foster connections between startups and investors worldwide.

Our events and programs are open to startups of all stages and from any location. Whether you're a local startup or an international venture seeking expansion opportunities, PitchMatter has something for you.

The Local Track focuses on accelerating startups based in the host country, emphasizing local market dynamics and fundraising strategies. Meanwhile, the International Track is geared towards assisting foreign startups in entering and thriving in new markets, offering global networking and strategic adaptation support.

To apply for our programs, simply visit our website and fill out the application form corresponding to the track or event of your interest. Be sure to review the eligibility criteria and application deadlines beforehand.

Applicants need to provide a business plan, pitch deck, and financial projections. Additional requirements may vary depending on the specific track or event.

Our events range from monthly networking gatherings to annual large-scale pitch events. Check our events page for the most up-to-date schedule.

Our fundraising platform connects startups with investors by matching startup needs with investor interests. Startups can create profiles, while investors can browse these profiles and initiate contact if they are interested.

For technical issues, please email us at info@pitchmatter.com and we will assist you as soon as possible.

At PitchMatter, we prioritize data security and implement industry-standard measures to safeguard your information. For detailed information, refer to our Privacy Policy on our website.

International founders can anticipate gaining valuable insights, expanding their networks, and showcasing their businesses to potential investors, partners, and customers worldwide.

Absolutely! Feel free to submit more than one application if you have multiple startup ventures or ideas.

Both individuals and groups are welcome to apply for the competition. However, certain criteria must be met, as outlined on our website.

No, PitchMatter does not charge a registration fee for participation in the competition.

All accepted applicants will undergo a screening process and may be selected for a call interview. Further details will be communicated via email to the startup representative.

We encourage all candidates to register their Intellectual Property rights (IP rights) to safeguard their ideas before presenting them at PitchMatter.

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